The Blue Ridge Craft Company (named after The Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia….on the trail of the lonesome pine!).

“We are a small family run business based on the world famous Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland, and as our name suggests we also spend some time in the equally beautiful US state of Virginia.”

What makes your product unique?

We make bespoke wax hurricane lanterns that are decorated with a vast range of cotton fabric prints including Liberty of London. These are melted into the wax. The lanterns are illuminated from inside by a large tealight We use a special blend of wax that will not melt from the heat of that will not melt from the heat of the tealight. The lanterns will last for many years as the only item that needs replacing is the tealight.

What inspires you as an artist/maker?

Seeing the reaction of our new and existing customers when we launch a new range or a customer who is new to us and getting their feedback when they see our products illuminated in their own home. We spend a lot of time seeking out new designs and search the world for fabulous fabrics.

I started making handcrafted and painted wooden plaques and signs and then included candle making

into our range. We have now developed our range of wax lanterns, a totally different product to candles which have now become our main product.

Why do you think it’s important to keep local?

It’s important to support your local businesses especially on the high street in order to keep a vibrant and diverse shopping experience. Local handmade crafts offer a bespoke service that can cater for individual orders and tastes making one off designs for each individual customer.

What motto do you live/work by?

Don’t stand still, move with the market and constantly evolve the product and designs.

Visit to see a full gallery of their work.

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